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Survival Kit

  A CANDY KISS kiss Because everyone needs hugs & kisses.    
  A COTTON BALL CottonNoBg To cushion some of the hard times.    
  A RUBBERBAND ruberband To remind you to be flexible.    
  A PAPER CLIP paperClip To help you hold things together.    
  A PENNY penny So that you will have enough cents to realize what a valuable asset you are.    
  A GOLD THREAD thread

To remind you that friendship is the thread that ties our hearts together.

  A KLEENEX kleenex To help you remember to dry someone’s tears.    
  A BUTTON button To remind you to button up your lip when needed.    
  A TOOTHPICK toothpick To help you pick out the good in everyone.    
  A BAND AID bandaid To remind you to heal hurt feelings.    
  A ERASER eraser To remind you everyone makes mistakes.    
  A MINT mint So you can be pleasing.