Beyond Wellness
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              Upcoming Events 2013:  
              Seminar is host in Las Vegas.  
              Beyond Wellness Basics:  
              First time             $250.00  
              Previous students $100.00  
                                April 27, 2pm to 8 pm  
                                April 28, 10am to 4 pm  
  Beyond Wellness Advance Continuation  
              First time             $300.00  
              Previous students  $120.00  
                                  June 1, 1pm to 8pm  
                                  June 2, 10am to 5pm  
  Thank you  
  Ana Cecilia y Sebastian Martinez  

Ana Cecilia born in Guadalajara Mexico, specializing in wellness, overcoming and the education of others. Psychologist, educator, instructor, therapist, healer with over 10 years of experience in which has developed and learned different techniques such as Theta Healing, CEW, German New Medicine, The Work, TFT, EFT, Lifeline, Russian Codiagos, aroma therapy, Bach flowers, therapeutic massage, among many others that were dealt with during the year. She decided to call him this course Beyond Wellness as the set of all has come beyond the welfare.



  Beyond Wellness  
     More than your well-be in   
  Any questions please call the  
  USA (702) 591-2870 with "Ceci"  
  In this seminar you will discover and potentialised your healing  
  skills. Where will learn both the theory and practice that combines  
  the techniques and Beyond Wellness you can use immediately in  
  your life to begin with a profound change in your life and the lives  
  of those who want.  
  Emotionally  and spiritually, will be an event to remember for ever!  
  * You can raise your energy level  
  * You will find the balance  
  * You will connect with the Creator  
  * Will arrive, or you start with self-healing  
  * How to pull, change and replace programs on your cellular memory  
  * You will learn to talk with your guardian angels  
  * You will find the connection between the physical - emotional-energetic  
  * Learn to read the body and talk to him to reach beyond the well-being.  


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